Professional advice

We provide our effective professional advice to all those buyers who want to buy the best property regardless of domain, whether it may be a commercial or residential property we assist you in providing the best buying solution possible and that too based on your budgetary constraints. The buyer may be a corporate who wants to further expand their office space or it may be just an individual who may be looking for a feasible residential property where he can settle down with his family happily ever after. Here our team of research analysts provides a detailed systematize information regarding the best deals in the city from which the buyer can choose to buy say the plot or property. We also make understand the buyer about the current market rates that are going in the market and if further needed also make the buyer understand as to what will be the best time to buy based on certain factors of which one factor is taking into consideration the economic aspect of that particular city.

When we say we provide professional advice to buyers we exactly mean to say that our team of research experts will provide a step by step approach wherein every aspect related to market conditions, economic indicators as well the financials will be ascertained with all the updated relevant information that which will be of great help to a buyer who will of course think a hundred timed before buying a particular space. We want to ultimately see to that we provide the best buying options to all our buyers who are eager enough to buy a property. Not only that we also see to that we provide them the best property exactly based on their budgets and not more than that no matter what the condition may be so that ultimately we can also have a sense of relief that we have offered our best services and thereby satisfied our clients.

When it comes to sellers we see to that we provide the best professional advice to our entire gamut of sellers who wants to sell their property at the best price possible. Here when it comes to helping sellers by providing feasible information, our main concern is for two major factors and that is time and price. Every seller wants that his property is sold within a stipulated amount of time but that cannot happen always as the market and economic conditions may not be favorable enough and when that is the condition we tell our sellers to wait so that when the time comes we will be the first one to intimate them. We have an excellent database where we have a huge number of buyers who look forward to buy a particular property say residential or commercial.

We in fact help all our sellers grab the right buyer who is eager enough to buy a property within a stipulated amount of time and that too as soon as possible. Our team also works hard on the negotiation process so that ultimately our seller can sell his property at least at a marginal profit if say the market conditions are bad but if the market conditions are really sky high then after the seller can expect a good amount of profit on the property which has been sold. If the seller wants we can prepare a detailed document wherein all the market rates area wise and the comparison level of the current and future prices will be ascertained. This particular research document might in some way help the seller ascertain as to what is the best time for him to hit the market and simultaneously sell his properties in fact in this way he can save a lot of time which might have been required to ascertain the market scenario.

Investors are those gentlemen who have a really high capability to invest in a huge property only and only if the condition is that in the future point of time that particular property is going to give them huge returns. Every investor wants to collaborate with somebody who can help them in deciding as to what are the best ways to invest in a particular real estate. They always hunt for a reliable professional who can help them not only give professional advice on investing patterns but apart from that assure that the return on investment will be really good in the years to come.

Avenir realty provides the best investment advice to all its investors thereby saving their time and money. Our team of research and market analysts do thorough analysis on the current market conditions keeping into consideration the current economic aspects of the city and then provide a detailed consensus report to our esteemed investors, this report will contain all the market demographics pertaining to the real estate industry. This report will also give an approximate prediction as to what is the most feasible time wherein an investor can invest his money and simultaneously expect for larger returns in the coming future.

We provide all the necessary facts and figures related to the current and the future enhancements that may happen in the real estate industry and then give an analysis as to what to invest and upon that much more important factor as to what is the most favorable time to invest and that too whether a small investment or a huge investment. Ultimately our sole aim is to maintain long –term relationships with all our investors who have been associated with us time and again believing in us and helping us serve them in the most effective way possible.