Residential services is something wherein a real estate consultant comes into action, because here is where mostly a customer takes an emotional decision rather than rational one, as he sees to that not only he but also his entire family which may be a small family or may be joint family should be rather happy with the decision taken by this particular customer who is going to make this particular investment in buying a particular residential property so that he and his entire family can live happily ever after. Avenir realty deals in both buying and selling of residential properties. In fact we have an exceptional track record especially when it comes to facilitating a sale of a particular residential property.

We will help you attract the right buyer who would be willing to purchase your residential property so you don’t have to worry about obtaining the right buyer who will be the best fit as Avenir will take the entire responsibility for making you attract the right buyer who really wants to buy a residential property with immediate effect. We take into consideration as we see to that the entire transaction happens smoothly and that too within a stipulated amount of time. Ultimately we believe the buyer who is buying this particular residential property should thoroughly be satisfied with the entire deal.

Our team who carries a high amount of expertise in the documentation related to sale deeds and the necessary paperwork that has to be carried out between the buyer and the seller keeping of course the intermediary as Avenir. We take great care in making the entire deal process hassle free so that the entire purchasing process happens flawlessly without any flaws whatsoever. We are having our own laid down process which will make the entire process right from the buyer visiting and having a look at the property till the buyer buys this particular residential property.

Avenir realty takes into consideration the broad aspect of commercial services as because commercial property is something which can be used for multiple purposes such as opening a new educational institution, new school, office expansion, opening an entirely new company in Hyderabad, or in fact opening up an industrial unit so whatever may be the scenario Avenir Realty is always ready to help our valued clients thereby providing the best advice as to which location will be the best for opening up your business. Regardless of what business you are into we will provide you the best service in terms of helping you locate the perfect commercial space for starting your say new venture.

Avenir Realty facilitates our revered clients in the buying, selling and lease of commercial properties. We as an intermediary will help you sell your commercial space to the right buyer within a stipulated amount of time and that too without any hassle whatsoever. We in fact help our buyers find the right seller depending upon the size, investment and domain of their business and so help then attract the right seller. We take the entire responsibility of the documentation part with the right stamp and signatures and see to that all the papers are intact and exactly as per the terms and conditions of the sale deed whatsoever.

Ultimately our team is committed enough to provide you the best commercial space available to you in the market. We in fact will help you scrutinize the rates of different commercial properties that are spread out in different locations in various areas of the city and simultaneously help you provide a detailed financial evaluation on the entire commercial space and see to that whether it fits your particular budget. If suppose your budget is low or high depending upon the range of your budget we will help you buy a commercial space that will suit your needs.

When a particular individual or a corporate has purchased a particular property then after comes into perspective as to how the entire property will be managed and up to what level possible. We see to that ultimately we reduce the operating expenses of the particular property that we are managing and at the same time see to that the quality of the property is intact. We take great care to see the overall maintenance of the property and in fact have a stringent check to see as to whether there is any slight damage to the property, and if such is the case then we see to that the problem is rectified as it is our primary responsibility to manage the entire property in a flawless manner so that our client can also get relieved of the fact that somebody is there to take care of their property.

Avenir realty takes the entire responsibility of managing your entire property in a well to do manner. We in fact have been successful in managing a huge lot of properties all over Hyderabad region. Every client can completely rely on us and simultaneously get their property registered with our property management services so that from here on we can manage their property flawlessly and relieve them of their responsibility.

Our service offering includes:

  • Collect and deposit rent.
  • Paying property taxes.
  • Possession on vacancy of house/apartment.
  • General maintenance of the property. (Painting, refurbishing etc)
  • Collection of TDS services.

Upon the services mentioned above, Avenir Realty has a lot of value addition to the existing set of services that which will be known to the client, once there is a meeting set up between the clients whose property has to be managed and our company’s property consultant who will provide you information regarding all the value addition part.

Avenir realty connects both the right buyers and right sellers who want to buy or sell a rented property. We at Avenir realty have a dedicated team who will help buyers whether they may be business executives who want to start up a venture and initially are looking for some considerable property space which they purchase on a rental basis. Once their business starts to flourish they can opt in to buy the same space which we have provided on rental basis or we will help them hunt a new space where they can open up their office. It is our primary duty to see to that we provide the best property that too which best suits their budgetary constraints. We at Avenir take a great deal in understanding the exact budget that which a customer can afford to buy a particular property.

We have a huge collection of executive database wherein we keep a track of all those buyers and sellers who are looking for rented spaces all over Hyderabad. Once we understand as to in which particular area does a buyer want to buy a rented space then after we see to that we attract him the right seller who is looking forward to rent his property for a stipulated amount of time. In this way we also help the seller track the right buyer wherein the seller can be able to sell his rented property to the right buyer for a stipulated amount of time. We take a great deal of responsibility in the negotiation aspects as well as we negotiate hard so that ultimately the buyer can purchase the rented property at the best price possible and also as per the current ongoing market rates, that rates at which a particular property is being rented for and that too depending upon the location. We ultimately see to that the entire transaction gets carried out smoothly without any problem whatsoever.

Avenir Realty has an extensive team of project marketing professionals who will help you the builders as well as developers sell their project in a manner which ultimately is going to be a win-win situation for both us as well as our clients. We also take the single most important point which plays a critical role especially when projects have to be marketed and that is time. Yes, Avenir realty takes a great deal of pain to see that the entire project is promoted and sold within a stipulated amount of time as desired by the client. Though in most instances the entire project is sold within a stipulated amount of time but in some instances the project cannot be sold within the stipulated amount of time, but this may happen again mostly when the market conditions are not favorable enough.

If suppose the market conditions are not favorable enough then we may take some more time to market the project and simultaneously sell the projects. ultimately we see to that we try to market the project as hard as possible of course keeping in perspective all the key marketing tactics such as advertising, branding and apart from that carrying out various promotional activities so that ultimately when the reach is higher say to a massive amount of audience then there might be chances where the project might get sold. We at Avenir realty use innovative marketing ideas to promote your project and at the same time give our esteemed clients a sense of relief that their particular projects will be sold within a stipulated amount of time. Not only our team works hard to market your project at the best prices possible but at the same time sees to that your brand image is credibly built in due course of time as because once the brand becomes strong in the market place then after the entire process of marketing becomes rather more easy.